WEN 56200i 2000 Watt Inverter Generator

The WEN 56200i generator is a highly portable, versatile, and fuel-efficient. It has a rated wattage of 1600 Watts and a starting wattage of 2000 Watts.

WEN 56200i Generator

Rated Watts: 1600W
Peak Watts: 2000W
Max Runtime: 9.4h (@25%)
Start: Recoil
Emissions: EPA, CARB
Fuel Type: Gasoline
Noise Level: 50 dBA
Item Weight: 50 lbs
RV Ready: No
Inverter: Yes
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WEN 56200i Description

WEN has been around for seven decades. They manufacture a wide array of power tools and appliances, and by 2001, they’d sold 50 million consumer units. This is consistent with their admirable credo: “Our goal is to help woodworkers and artisans across the world execute their wildest imaginations”.

The WEN generators are known for their reliable build, efficient design, good aesthetics, and moderate price. The WEN 56200i is a versatile lightweight unit that can be used in a variety of settings, like:

  • Leisurely outdoor activities
  • Camping, fishing, and hunting trips
  • Residential standby power generation
  • Work area auxiliary power
  • To power up hobbies and crafts far from the workshop
  • On-site construction work
  • Tailgating, RVing, and Raves

Power and Runtime

Compact generators are usually in the lower range when it comes to power output. And that’s usually the right amount for specific categories of work, leisure, or emergency power utilization. The WEN 56200i has a regular wattage of 1600W with a peak wattage of 2000W.

This power comes from a 79.7 cc WEN OHV 4-stroke engine that runs on gasoline. It has a 1-gallon tank, and when it’s full, its runtime can go for around 6 hours at half load. The fuel consumption is approximately 0.17 GPH, and the unit can be switched to ECO-mode throttle for optimal usage.

The 120 V produced signal is quite clean, with a Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) <1.2%. This is good enough for operating sensitive devices.

Outlets and Ports

The amount and types of outlets in this gen pretty much cover all the power needs of users. There are two AC 120V 20A (5-20R) receptacles, one DC 12V 8A receptacle, and a 5V USB port.

The power rating of the gen allows for two AC appliances at a time, which is reasonable. The DC receptacles can be used to operate and charge digital devices, since the WEN 56200i produces a clean wave with minimal spikes and disruptions.

There’s also a port for connecting another WEN inverter through a specialized kit.


This generator comes with a bunch of practical features that go perfectly with its typical usage in camping, tailgating, site work, and as an emergency power source.

Fully Portable

This generator inverter is roughly as heavy as a Tibetan Terrier or a sack of potatoes, in addition to being smaller than either of them. It’s thus quite easy to lift and move from place to place.

The WEN 56200i also comes with a molded handle, which facilitates handling it even more. Being that portable tops the list of reasons that make it popular with users.

Quiet Operation

There’s no application that doesn’t prefer quiet devices over noisy ones. But of course, that’s not always attainable. Luckily, this generator is as quiet as they get, with a noise level of around 50 dBA.

Some activities benefit more from this feature. For example, camping in a quiet area, fishing trips, and working on crafts that require concentration. There’s a host of other applications where serenity is needed.

Assorted Ports and Clean Power

Several generators come with AC outlets only, and users then need to add UPS units to clean up the power, in addition to transformers to produce DC power.

The WEN already supplies both AC and DC power, in addition to a USB port. The signal comes out clean and steady at the point of use, so the users can simply plug and play all sorts of appliances.

Unit Safety, Monitoring, and Protection

The WEN 56200i is equipped with circuit breakers to protect the unit from any accidental overloading. In addition, it shuts down automatically when the oil level reaches a critically low level.

The unit also comes with a built-in fuel gauge, so the users can check the gas level at a glance. This is essential to avoid any unpleasant surprises or running on an empty tank.

Parallel Connectivity

You might need a little extra power for a camping trip that includes the whole family, and a single gen might be insufficient. The WEN 56200i can be connected to another WEN generator through a dedicated outlet. And this simple addition instantly produces double the power you can get with a single unit.

The connection is quite easy, but it needs a WEN parallel kit to work. It’s a budget-friendly device that can increase the output power to 3600 watts with up to 30 amps.

ECO-Mode Operation

The WEN 56200i is already rational in its fuel consumption, but selecting the ECO-Mode makes it even more efficient. Working with a 1-gallon tank makes this feature especially valuable.

Size and Weight

This compact generator inverter measures about 18″ x 11″ x 18″, which is a relatively small footprint. It can be transported in any vehicle and placed on just about any surface. It has a dry weight of 48 Pounds, so it can be carried around at ease.

Noise Level

Closed-frame inverter generators are generally much quieter than open-frame units. This generator produces 53 dBA. measured at quarter load. This is comparable to an air conditioner or a normal conversation, which means that it’s pretty quiet.

It’s worth noting that the quietest generators work at around 48 dBA, so the WEN 56200i is among the least intrusive models you can get.


This generator is considered an eco-friendly unit, as it’s compliant with the stringent CARB requirements, and it’s also approved by the EPA. Thus, it can be used in all states, including California.

Additionally, the WEN 56200i is equipped with a spark arrestor, which makes it a good choice for camping in forests and parks where there’s zero tolerance for fire hazards.

WEN 56200i Buying Options

WEN 56200i Specs (Specifications)


Running Watts 1600W
Starting Watts 2000W
Running Amps 13.3 amps
Starting Amps 16.7 amps
Voltage AC: 120V 60 Hz, DC: 12V
Runtime (25% Load) 9.4 hours
Runtime (50% Load) 6 hours


Fuel Type Gasoline
Engine 79.7cc WEN OHV 4-stroke
Starting System Recoil
Portable Yes
Inverter Yes
RV Ready No
Parallel Capable Yes


AC Outlets 1x Duplex 120V 20A (5-20R)
DC Outlets 1x 12V 8A, 1x 5V USB Port
GFCI outlets No
Covered Outlets No
Automatic Voltage Regulation Inverter
Fuel Tank Size 1.0 gal
Fuel Gauge Yes
Data Center No
Indicators Low Oil, Overload, Output Ready
Bluetooth No


Brand WEN
Model # 56200i
Weight 50 lbs
Dimensions (L x W x H) 18 x 11 x 18 inches
Noise Level 50 dBA
Emissions EPA, CARB
THD < 1.2%
Security Low Oil Protection, Overload Protection
Neutral Floating
Spark Arrestor Yes
Accessories Included No
Warranty 2 Years

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WEN 56200i Generator
WEN 56200i Generator
WEN 56200i Generator

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