Lasko 755320 Ceramic Tower Heater

Lasko’s newest space heaters have the power to warm up the entire room. Equipped with an elongated ceramic element and penetrating air velocity, Lasko provides warmth any where in your home or office. With their tower heater design that sits neatly into tight spaces and a multi-function remote for convenience, you can take back control of your heating bill with just one touch!

  • Lasko 755320 Heater Description

If you want widespread heating for the whole room, the Lasko tower space heater with a ceramic element might rank high on your wish list. The black casing is cool-touch and has a built-in carry handle. Its compact size enables users to easily fit the space heater into tight spots. You can save space in whatever room you need a heat boost.

You can choose from three settings:

  • High heat
  • Low heat
  • Auto

The auto mode can be programmed using the thermostat. Digital display controls include +/- temperature adjustment so you can fine-tune the 1500-watt ceramic heating element.

A timer function lets you operate settings with one-hour intervals, from one to eight hours. But a handy remote control enables you to make adjustments conveniently at a distance.

The Lasko widespread oscillation prevents cold spots. Smart airflow technology creates penetrating air velocity for steady air currents that spread warmth throughout the whole room. Not to mention, the fan operates quietly in all three settings.

Your Lasko Ceramic Space Heater also includes safety features. Overheat Protection defends your device against overheating when running for long periods. A Cool-Touch exterior remains burn risk-free even after hours of operation.

Out of the box, the Lasko 755320 model comes fully assembled with a six-inch cord. If anything goes wrong, not to worry; the included manufacturer warranty is three years.

  • Lasko 755320 Specs (specifications)

Wattage (watts) 1500
Heat Output (BTU/hour) 5118
High Heat (watts) 1500
Low Heat (watts) Unknown
Area Heated 300 sq. ft.
Amperage 12.5
Voltage 120
High Exit Air Temp -
Low Exit Air Temp -
Heating Type Tower Heater / Space Heater
Technology Type Ceramic
Controls Push Button Thermostat
Indoor / Outdoor Indoor
Heat Settings High / Low / Auto
Power Type Electric Portable Heater
Remote Yes
Features Widespread Oscillation, Air Velocity Push Warmth, Digital Controls, Timer Function
Product Height 23 Inches
Product Width 8.6 Inches
Product Depth 7.25 Inches
Product Weight 6.6 lbs
Cord Length Unknown
Plug Type 2 Pin
Warranty 3 year
Certifications / Listings ETL Listed
Brand Lasko
Model Number 755320
Color Silver / Black
Material Plastic
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  • Lasko 755320 Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
  1. Ryan T. Verified Purchase

    I love this heater! It has a nice sleek design and looks great in my room. The fan is quiet but also oscillates, which I really appreciate because it doesn’t just blow one spot of warmth at you like many other heaters do. Plus the display on the front makes it easy to see what temperature your thermostat says that its set for without having to get up and check yourself or use an app – handy when all we want sometimes is a quick boost while looking over our papers for school work before heading out again later today!

    I’ve been using space heaters as my primary winter heater in California about 7 years now with no problems until last year when I got unlucky during some heavy rainstorms where thunder knocked power lines

    Lasko 755320 Ceramic Tower Heater

  2. Luis F. Verified Purchase

    I’ve been looking for a new heater to replace my old one that broke. I found this Lasko 755320 Ceramic Heater and it seems perfect! It doesn’t have too much of the high pitched noise, has an oscillating feature which is helpful at times, automatic temperature control does its job well so you don’t need to worry about turning your heat up in winter or down when it’s summer outside. And best thing of all-it won’t slip off your fingers like some other brands because the upper surface slopes downward instead of sloping upward like most others do!

    Lasko 755320 Ceramic Tower Heater

  3. Graham C. Verified Purchase

    When I saw this device, it looked like a ton of the reviews were plugging old outlets that cannot support 1.5kW into them. It’s too bad these negative ratings are bringing down an otherwise perfect product in my opinion. When people have to think critically about what they’re doing with their devices is when success starts happening for all parties involved! This particular appliance will heat up your entire room; its output is at 1.5 kW and draws more than 10A from standard US wall outlet – so you need receptacles that can handle >10 amps or higher on average meaning those cheap ones won’t cut it either way!

    Lasko 755320 Ceramic Tower Heater

  4. Gene K. Verified Purchase

    I used this unit to keep my bedroom warm while I recovered from Covid 19. The unit was not even turned on, but the plug melted and started a small fire when I left the room for less than 10 minutes! This is just unacceptable considering how well it heats up.

    Lasko 755320 Ceramic Tower Heater

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