Environmental Sustainability Resource Center is here to be the good guys in green energy. No scare tactics, no strong-arming, just open arms and minds.

Hi! It’s us, your friends at Environmental Sustainability Resource Center. For years, we have been working hard to bring the very best in eco-friendly news, innovation, research, and more straight to homes across the globe. Information should always be free, so we can change the lives of more communities, more people, and more ecosystems everywhere.

Whether you need advice on how to save money on energy efficiency, want to join a great conservation project near you, or are just looking for a fun and engaging read about the environment, we’re here to help! There are so many areas of the environment that deserve attention, and we spotlight each part so you can always find content relevant to you. We believe that possibilities are endless, so why shouldn’t they also be green?

The great minds behind ESRC include teachers, scientists, researchers, and volunteers–all united under one common goal: protect the planet and improve the lives of people. It’s that simple. We are champions of diversity, inclusion, and equality in every form and work with the most innovative facets of every industry.

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You can trust everything on our website to be 100% based in fact, thoroughly researched, and engaging. We use the most recent peer-reviewed journals, real-time statistics/data analysis, and brilliant findings from authorities in the industry. Information shouldn’t be hard to follow; we make it easy to keep up with what’s happening.

Global conservation efforts and net-zero carbon emissions are gaining more and more attention. These are issues that affect us and our planet mates (i.e., birds, bees, and trees!), and bringing resources to the forefront will only become more and more important. You don’t have to have a scientific background to benefit from ESRC–accessibility is the heart of what we do.

Community outreach is the most vital step to bridging communication gaps, maximizing impact, and arming the public with knowledge. That’s why we lead the industry in green energy projects like solar panel installation, composting, and eco-awareness campaigns. We touch communities across the United States and have our eye on expanding outward globally by 2025.

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